Aging In Arizona Radio Interview

Richard Oxford of Richard Oxford Financial on the Radio

Richard Oxford Financial being interviewed by Aging in Arizona Hosts.

In March, my firm Richard Oxford Financial, had the pleasure of being hosted on the Aging in Arizona radio show by Presley Reader and Mark Young.  It was my first “in studio” interview and I had a great time. Both hosts were both knowledgeable and generally entertaining.  It’s a great show on 960AM radio here in the Phoenix area.

We hit on a variety of topics of interest to retired persons and anyone who plans to someday retire. Some of the topics include Income Planning and methods of funding Long-Term Care.

While all good retirement advice should be personalized, many topics have a lot in common for most of us.  Each of us need be concerned with ways to create permanent income in retirement.  Each of us need not neglect our exposure to needing Long-Term Care.  Without a doubt, both topics will affect you or someone you know.  It is inevitable!

As I often say, “Plan Early and Plan Often!”

Have a listen and enjoy!  Richard Oxford Interview

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