Asset Protection

If you are interested in growing your retirement assets safely and consistently, we have plans that fit your needs. Plans that take advantage of market gains, but protect against the market losses. We work with top-rated insurance companies capable of delivering pension-like payments guaranteed to last for your life and structure properly that of your spouse.

We take into account the most common risks to your income and plan accordingly. Exposures to your estate that most people do not realize exist.

Guaranteed Future Income

As baby boomers glide toward their retirement years, many are focused on the need to generate a reliable retirement income that’s protected from stock market volatility. Many people wish they had a company pension, where you’re paid a monthly retirement income for the rest of your life, no matter how long you live and what happens in the economy.

But without a pension, you can make your wish come true with a simple fixed annuity, a product that’s been available for years from insurance companies. Don’t confuse these time-tested products with “deferred variable” annuities, which can have high expenses and poor investment returns and which have given annuities a bad reputation ( (credit: MoneyWatch)

Family protection requires an assessment of your future income and expenses. Our experts can guide you and insure you are protected against family income loss, college expenses, mortgage protection, final expenses and even save for retirement.

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