Arizona is Fascinating In Our Beautiful Springtime

Arizona is an interesting place (and I’m not just talking politics and Spring Training).  The lowest point is just 70’ above sea level on the Colorado River in Yuma and the highest point is 12,633’ on Humphreys Peak near Flagstaff.  I wonder when the last time that was checked.  Seems like erosion might have knocked a couple feet off since it was last measured. We have 6 distinct climate zones.  Friday 5/5 it was 108° for the high, Sunday 5/7 it was 74°.  Someone won the annual “First 100° Day” contest on the Wednesday before.

Because of late winter rains, it has been a pretty good year for wild flowers. We got out a bit and saw many varieties.  Poppies, lupine, brittlebush, hedgehogs, saguaros and more.  Many are actually right in our yard. Below are some from an outing two weeks ago.  I’m not going to attach a lot, but, you can see much more in a quick web search for Arizona Wild Flowers.

Many people picture Arizona like this:

Barren, dry desert

My version of the state looks more like this:







Or like this:

Mogollon Rim

Maples near Bear Canyon Lake.

Of course, the last one was fall.  That doesn’t mean those red-leafed maples aren’t just as pretty in the spring when they are leafing out.

Traveling the state, I often wonder what early natives’ lives were like. Tribes stretched from those lowest elevations in Yuma up to over 7000’.  I’ve been to dozens of prehistoric sites in Arizona. Like us, they strived for a summer and winter home.  But, unlike us, they didn’t have the benefit of turning on their air conditioning for that first 100° day or have the heater running when it got cold. They followed the food sources rather than having it shipped to the local supermarket.  I wonder what they were thinking about while sitting up on a ridge pecking out messages for me to read hundreds of years later.

Find it if you can

Petroglyphs near Brooklyn Mine Hotel

Nice Buck!

I guess we’ll never know.  But, it’s pleasant to sit on the porch with your favorite beverage and think about them.

Best wishes for your spring!

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